Film Face Shuttering Ply IS 4990:1993


Film Face Shuttering Ply IS 4990:1993

Forestply Film Coated Plywood is perfect for easy smoothening of concrete surface. For enhanced durability, the edges of the waterproof coating on this plywood are sealed with water resistant paint. This makes it a perfect choice for RCC construction, as it withstands not just water but also abrasive action of concrete and vibrations caused by heavy equipment. It is overlaid with phenolic resin impregnated film and has high reusability, and also enables cost savings of up to 49% when using in construction.

Forestply Film Face Shuttering ply is manufactured as per specifications laid down under IS 4990:1993. The plywood are preservative treated by vacuum pressure impregnation process as per IS 5539:1969 with Copper Chrome Arsenic composition with a retention of not less than 12 Kg/cm2. Forestply brand shuttering plywood can be repeatedly used over and over again. Reuse value is directly related to the care taken in handling, use, stripping and storing. 




• Smooth surface layer
• Hard and mirror like finish on both surfaces for extra finish
• Enables 49% cost savings when used on RCC construction
• Withstands water and abrasive action of concrete, particularly where vibrators are used
• Overlaid with phenolic resin impregnated film
• Does not react adversely with cement
• Scratch resistant
• Excellent mechanical properties 


• Factories and buildings
• Sewer construction
• Construction of swimming pools
• Bridge construction
• Exterior and general shuttering work 


• For maximum reuse care should be taken during erection and dismantling
• Releasing agents or mould oils should be used occasionally to prevent cement from sticking to plywood surface 


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