BWP (Boiling Water Proof) Grade Block Board IS 1659:2004


BWP (Boiling Water Proof) Grade Plywood Gold IS 710:1976

No Fungus, dampness or moisture! This British Standard Grade approved has suitable prescribed level of resistance against water, moisture and micro organisms. This ensures durability and longevity of the plywood. It might be sighted that this ply is indeed Life proof. This British Standard applies to plywood made with untreated tropical hardwood veneers having a suitable prescribed level of resistance of fungal attack with a bond of WBP glue quality between the plies. It does not need to be `British made material’.

Manufactured from a single species of imported hardwood, Forestply BWP Grade (Marine Ply) is ideally suited to various sea and inland vessels, as it can withstand climatic variations and high humidity. It is pressure impregnated with preservatives, making it safe from marine organisms, borers, insects, fungi, termites etc. ideal applications for this ply would be for ship flooring/ decking, material handling vehicles, cargo hold covers, wall sheathing, life boats, paneling, partitions etc.

Forestply - B.W.P. Grade comes with the prestigious Marine Grade IS 710:1976 certification. 90% of ISI the marked plywood comes with IS 303:1989 mark which is given to B.W.R (Boiling Water Resistant) grade plywood. IS 303:1989 B.W.R. grade plywood can withstand 8 hrs of boiling water, whereas Forestply - IS 710:1976 can withstand 108 hrs boiling water at 100ºC. It can also withstand all climatic variations and extreme weather changes. Stress relieving measures at every stage make them warp free and stable. 




• face veneers are derived from selected Gurjan logs
• 30% layers consist of a single species - Gurjan
• Only long size panels are used for less susceptibility to expansion and shrinkage
• No gap and overlap
• Excellent bonding as unextended PF resin is used and plywood is pressed under high compression
• 100% guarantee against termites and fungi
• Guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects 


• Wherever plywood is used
• For exterior and interior general purposes
• Furniture, partitions, cabinets
• Paneling 


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